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Gorges du Tarn, Causses, villages…

Horizons from our charming hotel

Near our charming hotel near Millau, many adventures await you. Travel through time, journey on land or on the water, soar through the air – anything is possible! With plenty of listed villages, monuments, châteaux and religious buildings, discover the history of Aveyron.

With more than 200 listed historic monuments in Aveyron, finding where to begin your exploration of Aveyron’s heritage is tough. Yet that’s really no matter, as quite often, you’ll find a little gem whichever way you turn.

Whether it’s a medieval castle in the Vallée de l’Aveyron, a slate-tiled house in a fortified town in the Rouergue, an opulent house in the Marcillac Valley, a dry-stone farm in the Larzac or a shepherd’s hut with a lauze-tiled roof, they all have two things in common – authenticity and character!

Things to enjoy include the Gorges du Tarn and the many white water activities it offers (the famous and unmissable canyon starts its 25 km journey upstream of Millau in the village of Le Rozier); the Millau Viaduct and its major paragliding spot; the Knights Templar and Hospitaller cities of the Larzac; the cutlery workshops and the Vélorail of the Larzac; the Abbaye de Sylvanès; the Maison des Vautours at the heart of the Gorges de la Jonte; and the villages and Romanesque churches of the Gorges de la Dourbie.